Hiring a carpet cleaning machine is a good idea as it may save you some money,but only if you have lots of carpet to clean.For example the hire of a machine may cost you upwards of 30 euro,plus shampoo and deodouriser per day,plus your time colllecting and returning your machine.
Then the back ache and hard work.Why bother!
When you can have a stairs landing and 3 bedrooms professionaly and thoroughly cleaned and deodourised by me for only 120 euro.Call me or text me now 0860865525

A hire machine will only do a reasonable maintenance clean i.e. it will do an adequate job provided you only require a little freshening up and your carpet is not very dirty to begin with.
If it is really dirty call me at 0860865525
Important do not use carpet shampoo, I will come back to this at the end of the article.
You will also find that carpet cleaning done correctly is extremely physical work even for a professional cleaner with a professional machine.
It is a lot more physical than running a vacuum cleaner over your carpet.
If you are prepared for this hard work and you have lots of cleaning to do, you will save money and it may be worth the effort, however there are some things to keep in mind when hiring a carpet cleaning machine.
The hire machine is never the equivalent of a real professional carpet cleaner s machine. Hire machines have to be made smaller not least of all to allow people to fit them into the boot of a car!
Some people believe these small machines are the same as a professional machine only they have a smaller waste tank and a smaller solution tank and therefore there is no real difference.
There is a huge difference,and this is Important,
the Vacuum is not the same. It too is smaller and may only be a 2 stage vacuum.
All  professional machines have very large powerful 3 stage vacuums in fact they have 2 of these vacum motors. I will come back to this point.
Also all  professional carpet cleaning machines will have an "inline heater" to heat the carpet cleaning solution to about 60-80 degrees Celsius as it flows through the hose to your carpet. This hot cleaning solution
of water and non-soapy carpet cleaning detergents lifts the dirt in your carpets quickly and efficiently.
Most hire machines do not have a solution heater and the best you can do is add hot water to the tank which of course cools as you go, and your cleaning becomes less efficient and of poorer quality.
Very hot solution continually delivered at the nozzle of a fully professional carpet cleaning machine disperses dirt stains etc more efficiently and also more of it evaporates and leaves less moisture in the carpet.
Back to the previous point Re: the 3 stage vacuums, these vacuums in proper professional carpet cleaning machines lift or extract far more moisture than a regular hire machine ever could which means professional carpet cleaning will get your carpet cleaner, and dry in hours rather than days as can be the case with poorer quality machines.
The more moisture you can lift with the vacuum the better, as the moisture
contains the dissolved dirt from the carpet, therefore the more moisture left behind in the carpet the more dirt will be left behind also.
The above points are even more applicable to sofa or upholstery cleaning!! Also if your carpet gets too wet there is a real risk of your carpet shrinking!
Now as regards the Shampoo mentioned above. Reputable Professional carpet cleaners
do not use carpet shampoo because shampoos leave a soapy sticky residue behind which attracts dirt and all too quickly you will find your carpet or sofa dirty again.
If you hire a carpet cleaning machine ensure you get carpet cleaning detergent with it.
Also spend some money on professional bacterial deodoriser to add to your solution.
I do not hire machines however I feel if you are going to hire one it is only fair you know what questions to ask at the hire shop to ensure you get a good return for your hard work and your money.
Saving money is not much use if you do not get a good clean carpet for your trouble.See also my cleaning tips page.
Also please be aware some of the less professional carpet cleaners out there will use inferior machines and use shampoo (I have heard of some even using washing up liquid!!!).They wet the carpet with cheap soapy solutions and clean using machines (often hired or more suited to car valeting) and leave telling their customers it will dry out lovely and they vamoose with your cash. When it eventually dries it will usually not be very clean. Professional carpet cleaners call these guys" splash and dash operators" These people really "let the professional carpet cleaning trade down"
Before you decide to hire a carpet cleaning machine click the link below to read about my carpet cleaning service.

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